Why elements?

People Time Sport has more than 80 sports for you to enjoy in company, we have classified them in 4 elements to make it easy to find them. Create your events and just have fun.

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Sports classified in 4 elements


Social network for sportspeople - air
Red social - deportes de tierra


You will find 26 different categories of sports that test your skills and imagination. Improve your technique and meet new players, with this social network you can expand your circle of relationships and enjoy activities in any city.

Red social - Deportes de agua


In water sports you will find 11 sport categories ranging from beach sports to underwater activities such as scuba diving.
You will be able to connect with users from all over the world with whom you have hobbies in common and with whom you can go swimming, diving, water skiing, rowing…

Social network for sportspeople - fire
Red social deportes fuego


For sportsmen who love strong emotions.
If you are into risky sports with great adrenaline rushes, here you will find 11 sports disciplines so you can share intense emotions and extreme experiences.

Red social de deportes - aire


In People Time Sport you will find 33 sports categories with different levels of demand, from recreation and leisure to more demanding sports activities such as soccer, basketball or cycling, among others.

Social network for sportspeople - earth


A Social App for Athletes

We invite you to try this application to create a powerful social network for athletes that will allow you to do those activities you like so much in the company of new people.

The application is available on both Android and IOS and in its Web version.
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